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Enter a formula, f(X), where X MUST be capitalized. If you make a syntax error or enter an invalid function, a JavaScript Error alert describing the error will appear. You can make corrections to the formula and continue.

You may enter values for YMIN, YMAX, XMIN, or XMAX. If YMIN or YMAX is "Auto", its value will be calculated based on the XMIN and XMAX parameters.
The arithmetic operators: + (addition) - (subtraction) * (multiplication) / (division) and % (modulus or remainder after division) are recognized. Spaces are ignored.
The use of parentheses is recognized.
The following functions are recognized (lower case, please):

abs(value) - returns the absolute value
acos(value) - returns the arc cosine in radians
asin(value) - returns the arc sine in radians
atan(value) - returns the arc tangent in radians
ceil(value) - Returns the least integer greater than or equal to value
cos(value) - returns the cosine (value in radians)
exp(value) - returns e raised to the value power
floor(value) - Returns the greatest integer less than or equal to value
log(value) - returns the logarithm base e of value
pow(base,exponent) - returns baseexponent
random() - generates a random number between 0 and 1 (floating point)
round(value) - returns the closest integer to value
sin(value) - returns the sine (value in radians)
sqrt(value) - returns the square root of value
tan(value) - returns the tangent (value in radians)