Your Irish Name

Score 15:

Female: Aífe, Aoife (EE-fa) the radiant one, beautiful, usually pleasant
Male: Lennán, Leannán (LEN-awn) the lover, with a sweetheart

Score 16:
Female: Ébliu, Éblenn, Éibhleann (AYV-lan) the lover of beauty, walks with a radiance
Male: Gáeth, Gaoth (GAY) the man of wisdom, the clever one

Score 17:
Female: Bind, Binde, Binn, Binne (BEEN-a) the sweet one, singer of songs
Male: Suaibsech, Suaibhseach (SUAV-sach) the gracious one, kind and gentlemanly

Score 18:
Female: Caíntigern, Caointiarn (kin-TIARN) a true lady, well-mannered and well bred
Male: Adomnán, Adhamhnán (OO-nawn) the shy one, timorous

Score 19:
Female: Étromma, Éadroma (ayd-ROM-a) lightheaded, the giddy one
Male: Robartach, Robhartach (RO-ar-tach) one always in a hurry, impetuous

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