Your Irish Name

Score 25:

Female: Sétach, Séadach (SAY-dach) one born for riches and possessions
Male: Cennselach, Cinnsealach (KIN-sal-ach) a man of mastery and pride

Score 26:
Female: Cáemell, Cáemgel, Caoimheall (KEE-val) a beloved and beautiful friend
Male: Donngal, Donnghal DUN-gal, DUN-eel) one with kingly valor

Score 27:
Female: Muirne (MIR-nee) high-spirited, tough to tame
Male: Slébíne, Sléibhín (sley-VEEN) the mountain man

Score 28:
Female: Brigit, Brighid, Bríd (BREED) the high goddess
Male: Rémann, Réamonn (RAY-mon) the protector, counsellor

Score 29:
Female: Muirgen, Muirghein, Muirín (mir-EEN) born from the sea
Male: Cúanachtach (KOO-an-ach-tach) leader of the pack

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