Your Irish Name

Score 30:

Female: Rígnach, Ríoghnach, Ríonach (REE-nach) has the queenly style
Male: Ágach, Ághmach (awch) the one who needs to fight

Score 31:
Female: Coblaith, Cobhlaith (KOV-la) will always win in the end
Male: Bressal, Breasal (BRAS-al) brave in combat, strong

Score 32:
Female: Finncháem, Fionnchaomh (FUN-kev) fair and beautiful
Male: Cano, Cana (KON-a) the young warrior

Score 33:
Female: Cathach (KAH-hach) the battler, trouble hangs here
Male: Anfudán (an-fawn) a fiery life, stormy seas ahead with such a temper

Score 34:
Female: Uallach (OOL-ach) the proud and arrogant one
Male: Máel Dúin, Maol Dúin (mayl-DOON) the guard warrior

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