Your Irish Name

Score 35:

Female: Nemon, Neamhain (NAV-in) the furious one, loves to argue
Male: Sárán (saw-RAWN) born to rule, the chief

Score 36:
Female: Dúnlaith (DOON-la) loves to be the boss
Male: Tírechán, Tíreachán (TEER-ach-awn) the great owner of land

Score 37:
Female: Búadnat, Buadhnat, Buanait (BOO-a-nit) the victorious one, might makes right
Male: Tressach, Treasach (TRES-sach) the fierce one, take no prisoners

Score 38:
Female: Deirdre (deer dra the raging one, fierce tempered
Male: Ainbertach, Ainbheartach (AN-var-tach) the doer of evil deeds

Score 39:
Female: Anu, Ana (an-a) never satisfied, seeks riches and abundance
Male: Ánrothán (AWN-ro-han) the king's man, a traveller

Score 40:
Female: Ainbthenm Ainbthine, Ainfean (AN-fan) the fury, loves to be boss
Male: Onchú (UN-koo) the fierce dog

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